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ai ui screenshot to code

Transform any screenshot into a fully functional, reusable component with just a single click.

screenshot to code

Screenshot to code

How to use

Screenshot. Upload. Done. It's that simple.

screenshot to code

Create UI components in seconds

Just take a screenshot

Bringing your design ideas to life has never been easier. You can convert any screenshot into fully functional UI components in just a few clicks.

Take a screenshot of the UI element you want to create.
Drag and drop the screenshot.
Get Components:
Get reusable React.js and TailwindCSS components ready for your project, in seconds.

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Fastest way to build

From screenshot to code transforms any screenshot into clean, reusable React.js and TailwindCSS components.

Instant Conversion:
Convert any screenshot into clean, reusable React.js and TailwindCSS components, in seconds.
Ask AI to change the color, size, or any other property of the component, and it will do it for you.
Copy the code or download it and start using it in your projects.

Sometimes it struggles with complex designs, but when you start telling it what to do, it works like magic.

John D.

SaaS Founder

It converts my designs to code in 10 seconds and saves me tons of time. Highly recommend giving it a try.

Leila Z.

Freelance Designer

Honestly, It's amazing. It takes the hassle out of coding UI elements from scratch.

Nina S.

Frontend Developer

It takes a screenshot and turns it into clean, usable code. Perfect for busy developers like me.

Sri G.

Freelance Developer

It has been a huge time-saver for me. I snap a screenshot and it handles the rest. Super handy tool.

James H.

UI/UX Designer

Works as advertised. Just upload a design and get the code you need. It’s that simple.

Rey M.

Frontend Developer

Who needs is helping you launch your dream projects swiftly, without spending hundreds of dollars on UI libraries.

UI/UX Designers
Bring your vision to life faster than ever. Easily convert your design prototypes into functional code, allowing you to quickly test, iterate, and perfect your user interfaces.
Streamline your workflow by transforming any design element from a screenshot into clean, optimized React.js and TailwindCSS components. Save hours of coding and focus on building robust applications.
Freelancers and Agencies
Efficiently manage multiple projects. Deliver sharper and more engaging results to your clients. Impress them with your design choices.
Startups and Small Teams
Maximize productivity and efficiency. offers an affordable way to convert screenshots into reusable UI components, helping you launch products swiftly and stay competitive.

See how it works

Don't just copy another component, customize it and make it your own.

screenshot to code

Create components

screenshot to code

Customize components

Featured Components

All generated by AI, first attempt, from screenshots with no additional prompts.

    • Leslie Alexander Leslie Alexander
    • Michael Foster Michael Foster
    • Dries Vincent Dries Vincent
    • Lindsay Walton Lindsay Walton
    • Courtney Henry Courtney Henry
    • Tom Cook Tom Cook
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    Entire house

    Beach House in Istanbul




    Istanbul, Turkey

    This sunny and spacious room is for those traveling light and looking for a comfy and cosy place to lay their head for a night or two.

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Let AI do the boring work

Spend less time writing long tailwind classes and more time building your dream project.


Perfect for those who want to try out the tool before committing.


20 Credits/month
Up to 4 components/month
No credit card required


Perfect for those who are looking to speed up their workflow and ship projects faster.


500 Credits/month
Up to 100 components/month
Fine tune your components
Support via email

Frequently Asked Questions

Screenshot to UI

Transform any screenshot into a fully functional, reusable react component with just a single click.

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